Advertising Balloons

Advertising Balloons

Huge selection of advertising balloons, advertising blimps and advertising inflatables.

6 ft in diameter helium advertising balloon

6 ft. Advertising Balloon – $189.00


Advertising balloons will work for your business and make your business grow.

Advertising balloons will work for your business and make your business grow, of that you can be 100% certain.

The most popular size balloon is our 7ft. in diameter.
7ft – $279.00
7ft. with lettering, logo or artwork – $543.00 – subject to review of your graphic

Unlike the other media

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Today, giant balloons are being used by big and small companies to advertise their businesses and there are many reasons for this. One of the main reasons for this is that advertisers are actually able to get the attention of people when they make use of giant balloons.
But the same is not the case with the conventional media. Media like TV, radio, magazines, etc., once used to be very popular with people, but that’s just what it is – they once used to be popular. But now it is not the case.
It is now different
Though people once used to look at advertisements that appeared in TV or on the radio or in newspapers, magazines, etc., it is no longer the case. Nowadays people just do not pay any attention to advertisements appearing in all these conventional media.
This is because in the first place, people are so busy leading hectic and stressful lives that they have no time or interest to look at advertising. And the reason why people do not look at advertisements appearing in conventional media is due to the fact that they are being constantly bombarded by all kinds of advertisements – as a result they have no interest in looking at these advertisements. And so advertisers are just wasting their money by advertising in such media – and advertisers have now realized this.

Thus the big demand for Advertising balloons

As advertisers need to advertise and due to the fact that the conventional advertising media are just not as effective as they used to be, advertisers are now getting used to using advertising vehicles that actually do attract the attention of people. And one such highly effective advertising medium is – big balloons.
Research studies have proven that these big balloons get the attention of people and people will stop to look at them irrespective of whether they are driving by, taking a walk in the park, working in their offices, cooking at home, playing with their family – or whatever may be the case. You might try these airdancers balloons.

People always look at giant balloons

And this is just great news for all kinds of advertisers as – when people are no longer interested in looking at conventional advertising media – and they are actually looking at giant balloons – it means that advertisers have now got a way of getting the attention of people.
By making use of advertising balloons, advertisers know that they can get people to see what they are advertising – irrespective of what their product or service might be – and irrespective of whether they are a giant business or a start-up company.

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The Secret Of Inflatable Advertising Balloons

The Secret Of Inflatable Advertising Balloons

Do you know that inflatable advertising balloons are highly irresistible and visible magnets? This type of items are better method of advertising your services, brands, ideas and products. Based on the size, inflatable adverting balloons stand out and unique. If you are looking for a dependable, trusted and reliable way of promoting your products, then turn to inflatable advertising balloons. Presently, there are several options that users can select from. This can be found in the likes of jumping castles, sealed air balloons, cold-air balloons, helium balloons, helium inflatables just to mention a few.

18 ft Statue of Liberty advertising inflatable

Promotional balloons increase traffic.

Clients can always get customized inflatable advertising balloons on order. On this note, contacting the sales point will be a better idea to get your inflatable balloons personalized. If you are looking for the highest quality and durable products in this respect, inflatable advertising balloons can offer the best solution as required. This type of balloons can be used for different events. This can be found in the likes of outdoor advertising, corporate family days, entertainment event advertising, celebration day advertising, boating and Yachting events, trade show advertising, sporting event advertising, political event advertising just to mention a few.

Using the inflatable advertising balloons is never a difficult task. You will have to plug the electric pump into the inflatable and wait for just 10 minutes. The next line of action is to start attracting attention with your inflatable advertising balloon. Based on the great visibility of this product, it can be used anywhere and any time. You will surely get RIO after using this type of adverting balloons. They come with great quality, durability and tension that can captivate the attention of anyone passing around it. You can always give inflatable advertising balloons a chance to prove its worth. Give it a try to see how it works.

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Advertising with Balloons

Advertising with Balloons

Advertising with balloons: how do they help in propagating ideas?

For the sales of any product these days, it is very important to advertise it. Advertising is an art that every businessman in the world has to learn today. It is not something that everyone can do. There are certain skills that one has to learn if he/she wants to advertise any product. Advertising balloons are a way of a catchy advertisement. Let us study about the advertising balloons that are there for sale in detail now.

Walking balloon is one such balloon that helps you to advertise about your product. These balloons were first introduced during the ICC world cup of 2011 which was held in Asian subcontinent. Lakshmi inflatables were the manufacturers of these great balloons and they were liked by the people to a great extent. The overwhelming response of the people itself was the most important reason for which they are used in large scale by the manufacturers.

PVC balloons are also the most famous balloons these days. They are also inflatable to a great extent like any other balloons and with the increase in global population; the usage of these balloons has increased by leaps and bounds these days. The best quality PVC material is used for this purpose. As a result of this, they ensure the highest durability of all balloons that we have ever produced. Capacity of any balloon is measured by its ability to expand without breaking up. Charming colors are the most important features of these balloons. There are customized logos for all those balloons and we can afford them at the lowest possible cost.

Gas balloons are the most common type of balloons used by us. In fact every balloon is inflated with gas, but the lightest of the balloons are inflated with helium gas. Helium is used for two purposes. One is that it is very light and hence the balloon flies up without any difficulty. Second reason is that as it is an inert gas and hence doesn’t react with any other element and thus it is 100% safe to use this. Even though hydrogen is lighter than helium, it is highly inflammable and dangerous. Hence it is not used in balloons. Besides that, hydrogen reacts with other elements and form compounds whereas helium doesn’t react with any other element.

So how can the balloons are used in promoting advertisements? The best way these balloons can be used in advertising is depicting pictures and logos on these balloons and letting them fly away. They spread the message wherever they go. By this method you can spread your message over a hundred miles or even further. So use this technique for spreading the advertisements of something that you want to spread all over the world.

If you want to go green and spread the message to save environment, you can depict the pictures of plants and animals on these balloons and let them fly all over. These balloons will spread the message everywhere and thus help you in propagating your message to the entire world. Thus you can use them for a good cause.

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How to use promotional balloons.

How to use promotional balloons to propagate ideas and advertise different things.

Promotional balloons are the balloons that are used for promoting the various products that you have produced and your ideas into the mass. Propagating your ideas among the people is a challenging task and one of the best ways of achieving this is by using balloons for promoting the logos. How can we achieve this? Let us see it in detail now.

white color helium promotional balloon

Promotional balloons get Attention!

What are the different gases that are used in balloons? Most commonly used gas in balloons is helium. This is because helium is very light and is inert. So the balloon rises to the top in the atmosphere and as it doesn’t react with any other element in the atmosphere and is non flammable, it is the safest and best gas that can be used in any balloon for any purpose. Many people travel around the globe in balloons containing hot air. The purpose of filling them with hot air is that hot air is lighter than cool air and hence the balloon rises to the top easily. They can even distribute pamphlets about what they want to propagate while flying high. Even though there are chances that they fly away to faraway places and the chances of them being obtained by any person are very low, this method is still considered one of the best methods.

Promotional balloons are being used by many people in the world who are fighting for some good cause. The best example for that is the usage of balloons for propagating the ideas of environmental conservation and conservation of our dwindling wildlife. Today the whole earth is facing a large number of environmental issues because of the unscrupulous activities of human beings. There are certain activities of human beings which have wiped out some animals from the face of this permanently nod still eliminating many more in the coming days. The most important problems faced by earth as a result of the human activities are green house effect and global warming which results because of this effect.


There are a large number of animals all over the world which have been pushed to the brink of extinction by human beings such as tiger, giant panda, blue whale and many others. By using promotional balloons that contain the pictures of these animals, we can try to save each and every animal. But for doing that, we have to choose the balloons which have the capacity to travel very long distances. Otherwise the whole idea will be of no use.

Thus we can use these balloons for various purposes. Most commonly they are used for constructive purposes rather than destructive purposes and hence the people would like to use them everywhere. Hot air filled in the balloons is the best way of making them rise to the top of atmosphere where they can sail over without any disturbance. There they can spread the information to all the regions over which they sail. Thus by using a balloon, you can advertise and promote any product that you would like to promote.

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